Ginette 35 is a contraceptive.

Ginette 35 contraceptive effect is achieved through complementary mechanisms, the most important of which are the suppression of ovulation and changes in the properties of cervical secretion, making it impervious to spermatozoa. In women taking combined oral contraceptives, the menstrual cycle becomes more regular, painful menstruation is less common, and bleeding is less intense, resulting in reduced risk of iron-deficiency anemia. In addition, there is evidence that the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer is reduced.

How to use and dosage

Draje Ginette 35 should be taken in the order indicated on the package every day at about the same time, with a small amount of water. Take one dragee a day continuously for 21 days. Acceptance of the next package begins after a 7-day break in the reception of the pellet, during which there is usually a bleeding cancellation. Bleeding usually starts on the 2nd or 3rd day after the last dose of the pellet and may not end until the next dose of pellet has been received.
The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms of androgenization, as well as their response to treatment. Generally, treatment should continue for several months. In acne and seborrhea, the response is usually earlier than in hirsutism or alopecia.
It is recommended to take Ginette 35 for at least another 3-4 cycles after the symptoms have subsided. If there is a relapse in a few weeks or months after stopping the pill, Ginette 35 can be reinstated. In case of recurrence of signs of androgenization after discontinuation of treatment, it is necessary to consider the possibility of earlier resumption of Ginette 35 intake.

How to start Ginette 35

In the absence of any hormonal contraceptives in the previous month. Ginette 35 starts on the first day of the menstrual cycle (i.e. the first day of menstrual bleeding). It is allowed to start taking 2-5 menstrual cycles, but in this case it is recommended to use barrier method of contraception during the first 7 days of taking the first pack of pills. When switching from other combined oral contraceptives. It is preferable to start Ginette 35 on the day after the last active dragon from the previous package, but in no case later than the next day after the usual 7-day break (for drugs containing 21 dragons).
When switching from contraceptives containing only gestagens (mini-saws, injectables, implants) or from a gestagen-releasing intrauterine contraceptive. A woman can switch from a "mini saw" on Diana 35 on any day (without interruption), from an implant or intrauterine contraception with a gestagen on the day of its removal, from an injection form on the day when the next injection should have been made. In all cases, it is necessary to use an additional barrier method of contraception during the first 7 days of taking pellets. After abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.
The woman may start taking the drug immediately. If this condition is met, the woman does not need additional contraceptive protection. After delivery or abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is recommended to start taking the drug on 21-28 days after delivery or abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy. If a later start is made, an additional barrier method of contraception should be used during the first 7 days of use of the dragee. However, if the woman has already had sex, Diana-35 should not be pregnant or should wait for her first menstruation before taking her dose.

Reception of missed pudding
If you are less than 12 hours late in taking the drug, contraceptive protection is not reduced. The woman should take the pellet as soon as possible, and the next one should be taken at the usual time.
If the delay in taking the pellet is more than 12 hours, contraceptive protection may be reduced. The following two basic rules can be followed:
The medication should never be interrupted for more than 7 days.
7 days of continuous use of the dragee is required to achieve adequate suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian regulation.
Accordingly, the following tips may be given if the delay in the reception of the dragon is more than 12 hours (the interval since the last reception of the dragon is more than 36 hours):

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