Clomide (Clomiphene) is a drug that treats infertility

Clomide (Clomiphene) - blocks estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and ovaries, increases the secretion of gonadotropic hormones by the pituitary glandular pharynx, which stimulates maturation and endocrine activity of the follicle; as a consequence - stimulates ovulation and increases the concentration of estradiol in the blood. The drug is effective at a sufficient level of endogenous estrogens, is less effective at a low level of estrogens and is almost ineffective at a low concentration of gonadotropic hormones of the pituitary gland. In the course of treatment, it is necessary to constantly monitor the gynecologist, to control the function of the ovaries, vaginal examination, to observe the phenomenon of "pupil". During the treatment period it is necessary to be careful when driving motor vehicles and engaging in other potentially dangerous activities that require increased concentration and rapidity of psychomotor reactions.

Main characteristics and applications Clomide (Clomiphene)

Clomide (Clomiphene) is a synthetic drug that has a non-steroidal structure. It is part of a group of triphenylethylenes with antiestrogenic properties. The drug can act in two ways. In the first case, it blocks the action of estrogen and affects the receptors. In the second case, Clomide (Clomiphene) activates the receptors because it acts as an estrogen in the human body. If a person's body contains a small amount of estrogen, the product has an estrogenic effect, and in the case of oestrogen oversupply - an anti-estrogenic effect.

In the beginning Clomide (Clomiphene) was intended for those women to stimulate ovulation in case of infertility, which occurred from hypothalamic-pituitary ovarian failure. Today Clomide (Clomiphene) is widely used in modern bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting.

The product acts as an anti-estrogen on male athletes. It is used to perform a number of processes in athletes' bodies. The drug stimulates gonadoliberin to produce, makes the pituitary glanders produce more luteinizing hormone. Clomide (Clomiphene) also raises the level of hormones produced and stimulated by the ovaries, increases testosterone production in the ovaries.

Due to the fact that the product can act on the pituitary gland itself, this process contributes to the growth of natural testosterone. Therefore, this drug is widely used bodybuilders that take steroids of an anabolic nature. Especially relevant is the product at the end of the course, as well as other pharmacies for athletes. Because after athletes stop taking steroids, their body reduces the production of natural testosterone, and it is in a smaller amount in the body of athletes.

Setting testosterone levels is essential. Otherwise, insufficient testosterone levels may result in a loss of muscle mass and strength characteristics. The catabolic metabolism that can occur can destroy almost all the muscles previously created. Also at the end of the course, athletes may be at risk of gynecomastia. The use of the drug will protect against undesirable processes.

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