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The main purpose of this drug is to normalize body weight. Ayurslim has established itself as an effective means for weight loss, which consists exclusively of natural components. Ingredients are selected in such a way that there is an intensive burning of fat, but a significant result is observed only in the presence of physical activity. The product also helps to accelerate metabolism and removes toxins from the body.Ayurslim contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and fat burning processes, reduces the craving for sweet products, normalizes cholesterol levels, suppresses appetite, provides maximum absorption of nutrients from food, blocks the accumulation of fat and helps to reduce body weight.This product is recommended for people with excess weight, high cholesterol, increased appetite and metabolic problems. Ayurslim can also be used as a natural cleanser, which removes toxins and toxins from the body and thus contributes to more effective weight loss.

The composition of Ayurslim

It's worth understanding that once you lose weight, it's easy to put on again. Ayurveda recommends that you organize your life in such a way as to stay healthy and beautiful throughout your life, without the use of medication. Below we describe the effective, uncomplicated principles, using which you will always be in good shape!

In Ayurveda, in most cases, overweight is due to an imbalance or excess of Cafa Doshi. Correspondingly, elements of the earth and water begin to dominate the body, resulting in an increase in body weight. People with Cafa's predominant constitution need to monitor its balance more carefully, as they are naturally inclined to accumulate excess weight and fluid in the body, in contrast to people of other constitutions, who are quite easy to lose weight.

There are many very effective, ayurvedic methods to reduce Cafa dosha and bring it into balance. So, the essence is to cleanse the body of Ama (toxins, slags, untreated waste), excess liquid and mucus and try not to accumulate them later, eat opposite Cafe doshi products, maximize the fire of digestion and use various auxiliary techniques to maintain a home in balance, otherwise the weight will increase again.

The following signs indicate the presence of Ama in the body: poor digestion, bad breath in the morning, plaque on the tongue, unpleasant taste in the mouth, lack of vigor after waking up, cloudy, dark urine, broken joints, lack of appetite, constipation.

If you decide to cope with excess weight consciously and without harming your health, we describe proven, effective, ayurvedic techniques that together will give excellent results. This will help to influence the problem from all sides.

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