Antitumor hormones and hormone antagonists.

Active against estrogen-dependent breast tumors. Growth of such tumors in women in the postmenopausal period occurs under the influence of estradiol formed from estron with the participation of enzymes-aromatases in adipose tissue. The mechanism of action is associated with inhibition of these enzymes in peripheral tissues, which leads to a decrease in the amount of estradiol.

Special instructions

In women with estrogen-negative receptor tumors, the efficacy of Arimidex has not been demonstrated unless there was a previous positive clinical response to tamoxifene. In case of doubts about the hormonal status of the patient, menopause should be confirmed by the determination of sexual hormones in serum.
There is no evidence of Arimidex use in patients with moderate to severe liver failure and in patients with severe renal failure
In case of persistent uterine bleeding on the background of Arimidex drug administration, gynecologist's consultation and observation is necessary.
Preparations containing estrogen should not be prescribed simultaneously with Arimidex as these preparations will level its pharmacological effect.
By reducing the level of circulating estradiol, Arimidex may cause a decrease in the mineral density of bone tissue followed by an increased risk of fracture.
In patients with osteoporosis or at risk of osteoporosis, bone mineral density should be evaluated by densitometry, e.g. DEXA scans (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) at the beginning of treatment and over time. If necessary, treatment or prophylaxis for osteoporosis should be initiated under the close supervision of a physician.
There is no data on simultaneous use of LGRG analogues and anastrosol.
It is not known whether anastrozole improves treatment results when used in combination with chemotherapy.
Safety data for long-term anastrozole treatment have not yet been obtained.
When using Arimidex preparation more often than when treating with tamoxifene, ischemic diseases were observed, but statistical significance was not noted.
Efficacy and safety of Arimidex and tamoxifene in their simultaneous use regardless of the status of hormonal receptors are comparable to those of single tamoxifene. The exact mechanism of this phenomenon is still unknown.
Influence on the ability to drive a car or perform work requiring increased speed of physical and mental reactions. Some side effects of Arimidex, such as asthenia and drowsiness, can have a negative effect on the ability to perform potentially dangerous activities that require increased attention and rapid psychomotor reactions. In this regard, it is recommended to be careful when driving vehicles and mechanisms when these symptoms appear.

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